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3- Code of conduct

Legally correct behavior by users of the company’s services is necessary, for which there are rules to which the company is committed. Content and actions that violate these rules are not permitted. By registering for one of the company’s services, you agree to abide by these rules: * Do not take any illegal actions. * Activities that abuse, harm or threaten children are prohibited. * It is prohibited to publish or use inappropriate content or material that violates the rights of others. * Any acts that harm you, the service or others (such as harassing others to spread terrorist content, hate speech, or calling for violence or discrimination against others) are prohibited. * Do not violate any other rights, such as unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content. * Actions that violate the privacy of others are prohibited. We reserve the right to block your content from being found through our services if you violate the rules allowed for the use of the service. We also reserve the right to remove you from the service if we become aware that you may be in violation of applicable law or these terms. As part of auditing suspected violations of these terms, the company reserves the right to review content, but we never monitor at any time the use of the services. Closing your account has several consequences: * You lose the right to use these services. * All the data related to your user account is deleted from the company’s data bank. * All the content you have uploaded through the services remain intact and always accessible. In order to use our services, having an internet connection and/or a mobile data plan is required. You may need to acquire additional equipment, such as a headset, a camera and/or a microphone. You are responsible for acquiring and/or maintaining these internet connections, monthly fees, contracts and equipment. Any fees or expenses required to do so are your responsibility and are in addition to the use of the services. We will not refund these fees. Check with your respective provider whether and in what amount you will be charged.We are legally obliged to keep you informed of important news and changes to the services, and we will send you notifications and information to the e-mail address associated with your user account